The "Do I Really Need My Own Lawyer for a DAT" Quiz

People often ponder the "need" to bother hiring their own lawyers when they first receive Desk Appearance Tickets for a variety of reasons, chief among them frequently that the police tell them not to bother with lawyers.  

Directions:  In each of the following pairs of statements, choose the one ( A or B ) that best describes what you would want when you are charged with a crime and need to appear in Criminal Court.
Choice of Lawyer

Question 1 

A.  I want to be represented by a lawyer randomly chosen for me who might have a lot of experience or very little experience.  I'll take my chances.


B.  I want to choose the lawyer who will represent me so that I can be personally satisfied up front that I am getting legal advice from a lawyer who has the qualities and legal experience that I want.

Question 2 

A.  I want to speak to my lawyer for the first time on the same day that I have to appear in Court for the first time.


B.   I want to talk to my lawyer as soon as possible so that I can try to understand my situation and have my mind put fully at ease.

Question 3

A.   I want to have my meeting with my lawyer over the course of a few minutes in a public courthouse hallway while the other people my lawyer will be interviewing after me linger a short distance away from us.


B.    I want to be able to sit down, if I like, and have a civilized discussion with my lawyer in private and not under the watchful eyes and ears of whoever happens to be roaming the Criminal Court hallway.

Question 4

A.   I want to make sure that I can sit in Court for a while waiting for the lawyer to be chosen for me and waiting for my case to be called into the calendar for my appearance.  I don't mind waiting around for hours on end, and potentially being the last case called of the day.


B.    I want to be appear early with my lawyer and be called right away so that I can reasonably expect to be done by 10am and get back to work or school.

Question 5

A.    I prefer to show up and hope for the best.  What could possibly go wrong for me in New York City Criminal Court?


B.    I prefer to know as much as possible about what to expect in Criminal Court long before it happens, so that I don't have to worry so much.


Odds are you answered B to each question.  If so, then you ought to consider engaging a lawyer from Shalley and Murray.  Give us a call at 718-268-2171.  


Don Murray is one of the founding partners of Shalley & Murray, a New York criminal defense law firm with offices in New York City and Westchester County. Mr. Murray is a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. He has been practicing criminal defense in New York for more than 20 years. Any questions or comments about this article or seeking representation on a Desk Appearance Ticket can be directed to him directly at 347-674-1549.