Desk Appearance Ticket Information.


If you have received a desk appearance ticket in New York, or if you have been told that you might receive a desk appearance ticket, you probably have questions about what is going to happen to you and what it all means.

Read on in this site or call 347-674-1549 to find the answers to many of those questions, provided by New York Criminal Defense lawyer Don Murray, founding partner of Shalley and Murray.


Changing DAT Dates

Sometimes, getting a Desk Appearance Ticket can actually cause bigger problems because of the significant delay before the first appearance in Court.  Shalley and Murray can help with this problem.  Read more about changing the date of your upcoming Desk Appearance Ticket.


Not From NYC?

Sometimes people who are visiting New York City end up in circumstances that result in a Desk Appearance Ticket. Read this article about the alternatives available for people from outside New York City who receive Desk Appearance Tickets.


experience, commitment, and affordability

We have been helping people who find themselves with Desk Appearance Tickets in New York for more than twenty years.  Having committed our entire careers to helping people out of these situations, we know how to help you too.  We have the experience to provide you outstanding, efficient service at an affordable price.  Read more about how our approach to handling Desk Appearance Tickets will benefit you.


Not Former Prosecutors

Browsing around the web, you will run across constant marketing from some criminal defense lawyers that they are former prosecutors.  We have never prosecuted anyone.  Read this article to learn why this matters.




So the nice police officer who arrested you told you that your DAT would "just be dismissed" and you shouldn't bother getting legal advice.  Watch this video to learn why this is nonsense.



Strangely, though you are being charged with a crime and sent to Criminal Court, you will hear people suggest that you don't need legal advice and that you should just sort of show up and expect that the best possible result will just happen to you.  Take our DAT Quiz to help you decide whether hiring your own lawyer makes sense for you.

DAT Related Information

Desk appearance tickets are different from pink summonses. If you are looking for help with a pink summons issued in New York City, visit our pink summons information site.

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