Shalley and Murray offers those with Desk Appearance Tickets the perfect combination of experience, client care, and affordability.   


experienced criminal attorneys

We have been practicing criminal defense exclusively for more than 20 years in New York City and surrounding counties.  We have handled all manner of accusations from the least to the most serious, from arrest through trial.  We are familiar with the judges, the prosecutors and the court staff.  We have handled countless cases just like yours.  We know your case is serious for you.  We will use our extensive experience to make sure your perhaps relatively simple problem is solved well.

reliable and affordable advice

When the experienced criminal defense lawyers at Shalley and Murray take on Desk Appearance Ticket cases, the client has the opportunity to obtain the valuable advice of an efficient veteran lawyer in a straightforward context.  This means our clients enjoy the comfort of knowing they have superb legal advice that isn't going to take hundreds of hours to research. Less time required means less money spent by our clients.  In fact, we handle many of the more common DAT situations for simple, flat, fixed rates.  


Secure modern law practice

We take advantage of the latest advances of technology useful to the practice of law and helpful to our clients.  Clients can provide documents to us securely online through a state of the art HIPAA compliant secure digital file used by hospitals and banks.  Parter Don Murray personally developed a cloud based call tracking application for the firm that the firm uses to manage telephone calls and to perform some calendaring functions.  The phone system employed by Shalley and Murray is a sophisticated cloud based telephone system that ensures the highest level of communication is possible with our clients and our potential clients.  Our virtual law library gives us instant, online access (including in court if necessary from our phones) to every word of every reported case ever decided in the United States.




satisfied clients

We have a long record of making sure that our clients are quite satisfied with our services.  Being charged with a crime is never a fun experience, so it is hard to suggest that any person charged with a crime is happy at the end of the case.  Even a triumphant trial victory in criminal court comes at the cost of quite a bit of time and worry.

Nevertheless, our Desk Appearance Ticket clients are routinely delighted with the initial, calm, thoughtful, zero pressure consultations, the reasonable fees, the100% "in the loop" experience during the process, and the care devoted to each case, regardless of whether the case. 

We do not ask our clients for non-anonymous recommendations because our clients are entitled to the anonymity that attorney-client privilege demands. Here, however, is a representative email from one of our Desk Appearance Ticket clients, that we obtained permission to reprint anonymously.

Thank you very much for your direct and honest valuable advise throughout this ordeal. This was in stark contrast to the many other lawyers I had contacted initially, most of whom seem to take advantage of the fact that an individual may be vulnerable and may not do the research required to understand the process. Scaremongering seemed to be the norm; one lawyer was charging up to 15k in fees as he wanted me to know that a jail sentence may be a potential outcome!

Thank you very much. I sincerely appreciate your assistance.