Initial Consultation How You Want 

Some law firms insist on in person initial consultations, without regard to your inconvenience or how much you would like to have a meaningful conversation about your case right away.

We believe that because you are the client, you should decide how you would like to communicate with us.

Especially for purposes of the initial assessment of a case and for purposes of providing cost estimates, a telephone or video conference is just fine with us if that is what you would prefer.   

We certainly have no objection to setting up in person initial consultations with our prospective clients, and are always delighted to set up appointments and meet people in person.   

But we don't feel the need to dictate terms to people who may want some quick peace of mind about their situations and maybe a rough idea of cost right away without the hassle of taking time off work, parking, or getting back and forth to our offices. 

Firms that insist on in person consults will rarely provide even an estimate over the phone on the self fulfilling theory that they don't have sufficient information to provide a quote. They don't have sufficient information because they refuse to take the time to take sufficient information over the phone.  They want you to be forced to invest time and energy to visit them, whether you like it or not.  

We do not believe in shrouding ourselves in mystery.  We are confident about our experience, reputation, and the the value of our services.    

You are the client. We work for you

After our consultations, whether in person, over the telephone or by video conference, we will provide a reasonable estimate of the costs to bring us in to help with your case. There need be no mystery. You will have all the time you need to consider engaging our services.

Your choice. 

We have been helping people in NYC with Desk Appearance Tickets for more than 25 years. Our reputation speaks for itself.

We are confident that you will come to decide that we offer the legal services you want at a reasonable price that actually reflects our expertise and experience, as well as the time required to conclude your case in a way you find satisfactory.

Want to meet in person? Sure.

Want an initial consult over the phone?  Of course.

Video conference?  No problem. 


Call us at 718-268-2171 for help with your Desk Appearance Ticket