Desk Appearance Ticket Attorney

Don Murray, founding partner at Shalley and Murray, addresses the common myth that somehow getting a Desk Appearance Ticket is not an arrest.  


I know the police officer probably told you not to worry about getting a desk appearance ticket lawyer.  You want this to be true because you don't want to believe that this is all that serious.  If you are here reading this page, however, you may be concerned that it might not be quite as simple as how the police officer made it sound.  You're right.



You have been charged with a crime.  You are being ordered to appear in Criminal Court to answer criminal charges.  If this isn't enough to get your attention, remember that we live in a world where even being accused of a crime can create problems for people outside the world of Criminal Court in areas like immigration, employment, student loans, housing, and more.



The solution to this problem is to get legal advice.  



You essentially have two choices for how to get legal advice about your Desk Appearance Ticket.  The first choice is to do nothing until your scheduled court appearance and see what sort of legal advice you might find waiting for you (if you qualify) when you show up alone in Criminal Court.  The second choice is to start getting help from a private lawyer right away.  Read a case study of a case where early intervention in a DAT by partner Don Murray saved our client's professional license.



If you were to sit down and imagine exactly how you would want to to get advice about your criminal case, would you say, "I want to get the legal advice I need in a public hallway surrounded by others impatient to talk to the same lawyer and whoever else happens by.  I also want this public meeting with my lawyer to be the only legal advice I get before shortly being required to stand up on the record in front of the Judge."?

I'm thinking that isn't what you would describe as your idea of how, in a perfect world, you want to get your legal advice about your criminal case.  But if you wait until your court appearance,  this is exactly how you will be getting legal advice about your case.

If you have your own lawyer from Shalley and Murray, you are a phone call or an appointment away from being able to have an in depth, private discussion for as long as you like, until every question you may have is answered to your satisfaction, long before you are minutes from being forced to stand up in Court before the Judge.  We make ourselves available to our clients to help them understand the process and their circumstances.  We make sure that our clients know how we are going to navigate them through their cases well in advance.



In imagining the ideal situation for you, would you say, "I don't care at all who my lawyer is, how much experience my lawyer has, or whether I personally feel like my desk appearance ticket lawyer can provide advice I can rely on.  Just give me whoever.  What could possibly go wrong?"

In a perfect world, this would not be what you would say.  But if you wait until your court appearance date to get your legal advice, you will get that legal advice from someone chosen for you at random.  Maybe it will be someone with some experience or it might be someone who hasn't even passed the bar exam yet, who is practicing under a Court Order that allows prospective lawyers to practice under supervision.   

In a perfect world, wouldn't you rather get your legal advice from a highly experienced criminal defense lawyer with decades of experience in Criminal Court who has handled countless cases just like yours.

At Shalley and Murray we have more than 25 years experience handling nothing but criminal defense cases.  More than likely we have handled many cases just like yours, and many far more serious cases.



In a perfect world, would you say, "I want to have to take the whole day off of work or school because I have no idea whether I am going to be seen first or last, and I don't mind having to wait around all day if necessary."?

In a perfect world, you would prefer to be able to confidently predict being done in court with your desk appearance ticket case by 10am.  This is exactly what you get when you have an attorney from Shalley and Murray with you.

Do not fall into the trap of thinking that the time printed on your DAT form is some sort of specific appointment for you.  Your case will be called at such time as your lawyer (private or public defender) prepares and files a notice of appearance with the Court.  If you are expecting the public defenders to handle your case, you need to understand that someone will be first and someone will be last and that the public defenders will handle more than 100 cases in a day.  There is no way to predict when you will be called.  Be prepared to wait for the public defenders.

Our lawyer will already know enough about your case to file a notice of appearance as soon as the two of you enter the courtroom.  Since the public defenders will likely be still in the process of interviewing and preparing their cases, this means that we can often have your case called nearly immediately.    



Having handled countless cases just like yours over the last 25 years, our Desk Appearance Ticket lawyers have the knowledge, experience, and judgment to provide the guidance you need to protect all of your interests efficiently, and therefore affordably.  In most cases, we can handle your Desk Appearance Ticket case with a simple fixed fee that is likely to be far more manageable for you than what you might have expected.



 Call or text us now at 718-268-2171 to see how we can help you with your Desk Appearance Ticket.


Don Murray is one of the founding partners of Shalley & Murray, a New York criminal defense law firm with offices in New York City and Westchester County. Mr. Murray is a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. He has been practicing criminal defense in New York for more than 20 years. Any questions or comments about this article or seeking representation on a Desk Appearance Ticket can be directed to him directly at 718-268-2171.