Non-Citizens with Desk Appearance Tickets at Greater Risk in Wake of New Aggressive Enforcement by Trump Administration

By: Don Murray, Esq., Partner at Shalley and Murray

As a result of the increasingly aggressive immigration polices of the Trump administration, non-citizens charged with crimes on Desk Appearance Tickets need to be more careful than ever.  Among other measures, the Trump administration has suggested that even legal residents merely accused of a crime may soon be priorities for negative consequences in the immigration system.

While many of the accusations that find their way into Desk Appearance Tickets are less serious when compared to the sorts of accusations for which people are put "through the system", the new and changing enforcement priorities coming from the Trump administration represent serious threats even to those who receive DATs.

If you are a non-citizen, and you have received a Desk Appearance Ticket, you are being sent to criminal court on what are likely criminal charges, and you need careful, thorough legal advice.  You should not simply show up to Court and hope for the best.

We are highly sensitive to the needs of our non-citizen clients and are aggressively working hard to understand the meaning and consequences of President Trump's quickly developing and troubling immigration policies.  

The good news is that we believe that most Desk Appearance Ticket situations can be managed in such a way to steer non-citizens clear of the most dangerous pitfalls of contact with the criminal justice system.  

But it is vitally important that non-citizens with Desk Appearance Tickets understand that in the current climate of aggressive immigration enforcement, they need to be especially mindful of how they proceed.  A lawyer is necessary to navigate these dangerous waters.  

Shalley and Murray has more than 20 years criminal defense experience.  We aren't former prosecutors who worked hard for years as agents of the Government to prosecute non-citizens, convict them of crimes, and send them into deportation proceedings.  We have always been there to help people accused of crimes, citizens and non-citizens alike.  We are deeply sensitive to the risks faced by non-citizens in the criminal justice system and are ready to suit up and do all we can to meet the new challenges posed by the Trump administration.

If you or someone you know is a non-citizen and has received a Desk Appearance Ticket, call or text Shalley and Murray at 718-268-2171 now.  We can help you.