Project Reset - The Dream Come True for the System - A Lawyerless Transaction in a Criminal Case.

It sure sounds great, doesn’t it? If you have been offered Project Reset by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and the NYPD, and you have read THEIR explanation of it, it is a perfect dream come true. Sit through some two hour workshop and you never have to go to Court. They decline to prosecute your case. No need to go to court. No need for legal advice. No fuss. No muss. Everything is perfect.

…said the spider to the fly.

Before you happily sign up for Project Reset, you need to take a step back and consider exactly what your situation is. Read on.

  1. You have been arrested. (They took your fingerprints, took your picture, and if you look on the DAT form you got, you will notice a thing called “OLBS ARREST ID NUMBER”. So no matter that the nice police officer who arrested you told you that you weren’t arrested, you were “just given a DAT”, you were obviously arrested.

  2. You have been charged with a crime. Project Reset is made available to people who have been charged with certain misdemeanor level crimes, like petit larceny, criminal possession of a controlled substance in the Seventh Degree, and others. People may speak of these offenses dismissively as “low level” or “minor” or “trivial” but rest assured, they are all misdemeanor offenses. The truthful answer to the question, “Have you ever been arrested for a crime?” is now and forevermore going to be, “Yes.”

  3. You have an appointment to appear in New York City Criminal Court for your first appearance (arraignment), and if you fail to appear as directed (if you are not a good candidate for Project Reset), a warrant will issue for your physical arrest, and the police will find you and drag you into Court in chains.

  4. You have received a communication from the Government offering to settle your criminal case. The Osborne Association explicitly says in their letter that they are operating under the direction of the NYPD and the District Attorney’s Office. Therefore, The Osborne Association is an Agent of the Government…the same Government that arrested you and is in charge of prosecuting you.

Take a moment to go through items 1 through 4 again. Now that you have reviewed items 1 through 4, I’m sure you have questions.


If your DAT sends you to (1) Midtown Community Court OR (2) 100 Centre Street and you don’t live in Harlem, and your date to appear is THURSDAY,

REBECCA CHEVALIER at The Legal Aid Society. Rebecca Chevalier’s telephone number is 212-298-3080.

If your DAT sends you to 100 Centre Street and you live in Harlem, call

ARIEL TEJADA at Neighborhood Defender Services of Harlem. Ariel Tejada’s telephone number is 212-876-5500.

If your DAT sends to 100 Centre Street and you don’t live in Harlem, and your date to appear is NOT a Thursday, then call

SYDNEY LESTER at New York County Defenders. Sydney Lester’s telephone number is 212-803-5113.


One of the founding partners at Shalley and Murray, Don Murray has been a New York City criminal defense lawyer for more than 27 years.

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