In Queens, Desk Appearance Ticket cases are heard on varying days of the week, but not every day. In order to address a backlog of Desk Appearance Tickets, DAT days will typically handle approximately 200 cases per day.

For this reason, it is important to work out scheduling with your attorney prior to the desk appearance ticket day in Queens County so that both of you will be there bright and early.

If you do not have a private attorney, you should make every effort to appear early and hope that your case is one of the first cases dealt with by the public defenders. But you should prepare for the possibility of remaining in court for quite a while.

Sometimes in Queens, the DAT cases are heard in the regular arraignment courtroom beginning around 9am.  On other days, the DAT cases are heard in one of the regular courtrooms on the ground floor - typically AP2.  Check with your lawyer.


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